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"It’s a great target to go for my own dram, I’m really looking forward to learning a lot more"


I’ll be waiting to see how all the other different whiskies develop in their different casks before setting about planning my own, hopefully next year. I’ve got a wide whisky palette so anything’s possible, maybe a wee meaty number with a strong cask finish for a winter dram. I quite like a bit of hillwalking as well as music, so I’m looking forward to filling up a whisky flask for the obligatory summit tipple with my own dram in a few years’ time.

Donald moved to Skye 25 years ago to run hotels, later pursuing a full-time career in music, travelling and playing around the highlands and islands. As COVID hit he took a part-time role as a tour guide at Torabhaig which ignited his passion for whisky beyond just drinking it, and was delighted to join as a distiller when the opportunity arose a year later. 

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