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"Working here you can’t help but appreciate what goes into it"


Dougie's Dram

Base malt
Speciality malt
Fermentis Safspirit
Fermentation time
Long (90-120hrs)
Fermentation temp
Standard (28-32 max temp)
Foreshots run
Standard (15 minutes)
Spirit run
Standard (3hrs30)
Spirit cut point
Standard (65%)
Spirit phenols

I’m into history, so when asked about a Journeyman’s Dram I was attracted to heritage malts which were being cultivated and brought back into the market. Chevallier was the one I was immediately attracted to as it dates back over 200 years and was the dominant variety in the UK for over 100 years. This was the first time we had mashed any heritage malt so I was keen to see what different flavours we could achieve. I added a relatively new Fermentis Safspirit yeast to compliment the sweet marmalade flavours of the malt and was delighted with the fruity flavours in the new make spirit.

Dougie’s background is in electronics which brought him to the Highlands as a technician at the military BUTEC base in Kyle of Lochalsh. He moved on to work with remotely operated vehicles in the oil and submarine telecoms industries, taking him around the world for twenty years, returning home to a new career as a distiller. Since starting at the distillery Dougie’s appreciation of the craft that goes into producing whisky has grown with time, making a dram all the more enjoyable.

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