Mossburn Vintage Casks Royal Brackla 2008 – Oloroso Red Finish – Single Cask – Cask Strength



Royal Brackla Single Malt aged for 15 years in cask, selected and bottled at cask strength by Mossburn Distillers – 70cl at 52.6%.

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The Mossburn Vintage Casks range are a collection of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies each issuing from a strictly limited and select batch of casks. Each numbered release will only ever yield a finite number of bottles. While this means that we can never replicate the particular character of this Single Malt, it also offers an opportunity to sample what we believe to be an exceptional example of the whisky made by one of Scotland’s most distinguished distilleries.

One of Scotland’s older distilleries, Brackla was founded in 1817. The current distillery production is modelled around a medium fermentation, with the wash and low wines being forced through upwards-angled lyne arms giving abundant reflux and plentiful ester.

Aged for 15 years in barrel and finished in Oloroso Red cask bill. Expect big sherry notes with coffee beans, a little tobacco leaf, raisins and distinct oloroso tang on the nose. Heavy oloroso overtones, nutty and spicy on the palate but surprisingly light on the finish with some prunes and figgy biscuits coming along at the end.

This select Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been bottled at cask strength without any colouring or chill filtration.