Mossburn Vintage Casks Single Grain North British 2003



A 15 Year Old Lowland Single Grain Scotch Whisky bottled at 46% ABV.

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The Mossburn Vintage Casks range are a collection of exceptional Scotch Whiskies each issuing from a strictly limited and select batch of casks. Each numbered release will only ever yield a finite number of bottles. While this means that we can never replicate the particular character of this Single Grain, it also offers an opportunity to sample what we believe to be an exceptional example of the whisky made by one of Scotland’s most distinguished distilleries.

This landmark distillery in Edinburgh first produced whisky in 1887 and nowadays uses three Coffey Still sets to produce single grain whisky, famously infusing the area with a distinctive smell of malted biscuits. Once aged, this fine spirit is a major constituent of many of the world’s most famous brands of Blended Scotch Whisky, but certainly also warrants a closer look on its own merits. After fifteen years in American oak hogsheads this bottling shows light creamy vanilla and oak, fresh straw and a little ginger spice on the nose. The palate shows delicate light oak, a touch of lemon and some mild pepperiness, settling into a softer sweetness on the finish.

This select Single Grain Scotch Whisky has been bottled without any colouring or chill filtration.